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This is a classic example of where schools cannot be solely responsible for a child’s online behavior. Try as they will to block it, advise against it, or even teach their students to know better, the responsibility has to fall back on the student’s parents and guardians of the child. What kind of practices do you and your school provide in order to keep this noise to almost nothing?

Today’s YikYak is also today’s Kik and was yesterday’s ChatRoulette. The names may change but your child’s upbringing remains the same.

My father-in-law always said, “Nobody’s totally worthless, they can always be used as a bad example.” Case in point, billboard pictures of drivers using their smartphones. Will this be enough to effectively stop you from using your smartphones while behind the wheel?

Facebook reintroduces launches friend tracking features to help you located your friends if you are within a certain distance of their smartphone which has Facebook installed and you enabled. 

Do you consider this a feature to hookup or a stalker/creeper tool? Remember to always look at your privacy settings to confirm this is disabled.

Passwords: Worst Practices Revealed

Did you know that the most common password to use by average joes and janes is “123456”? The second most common is “12345”. The more passwords we have to create, the more inconvenient it becomes, the lazier we get at the next website that requires us to make up another password. Lately, having the same password across all websites is a hazardous practice. This PDF link talk about some of the worst practices that a user can have for passwords and some much needed suggestions to creating better, harder to crack, passwords.

Girl costs father $80,000 with 'SUCK IT' Facebook post

Momentary lapses of discretion by this family cost them a pretty penny. Do you talk to you kids about how to properly handle personal family matters with others? Perhaps this story can be a good learning tool.

Scathing email starts social media firestorm | Video | 11alive.com

There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to doing anything online. Sometimes, when the line is crossed, those rules will ingnite people’s passionate pursuits for proper procedures. 

This story is just one example.

Twitter threatens to sue Obama administration over government surveillance requests

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“Twitter says it is prepared to sue the Obama administration for the right to disclose more details about government surveillance requests,” Julian Hattem reports for The Hill.

“In a blog post on Thursday, the head of global legal policy for the…

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When “no” means “no”. Twitter decides to put their foot down.