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Breanna Mitchell’s story was simple. She and her dad, a World War II and Holocaust history buff, were planning on visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp but her father passed away a year before the scheduled visit. When she finally made it there, she tweeted a selfie at the camp as a tribute to her dad that she actually arrived. A month later, her profile blew up once it circulated outside of her circle of friends.

In all honesty, I believe she did a great job handling the onslaught of criticism over the photograph. Then again, it takes a calm and mature individual to handle the praises and insults with a grain of salt. Her Twitter account has been set to private, incidentally.

Parents, are you kids mature enough to handle what consequences could come forth when they have to defend a post, a picture, or a comment about a controversial subject?

Dad gets substandard customer service at the gate, threatens to vocalize his dissatisfaction on Twitter and was soon asked to leave the plane… because he did tweet his thoughts on the specific person in question.

Forensic scientist identifies suspicious 'back doors' running on every iOS device | ZDNet

"During his talk at HOPE/X Jonathan Zdziarski detailed several undocumented services (with names like ‘lockdownd,’ ‘pcapd,’ ‘mobile.file_relay,’ and ‘house_arrest’) that run in the background on over 600 million iOS devices."

Stalker in the Attic: The Cyberbully Who Spies on 12-Year-Old Girls in Their Home

Here’s a timeline of events that started innocently on Instagram but has mushroomed into a mess that’s still being investigated. Could it get this difficult for you parents if you had to untangle the source of who’s bullying your kids. Do you have a right to know what they’re doing online?

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