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Teen with lymphatic malformations has profile photo deleted by Facebook

On Tuesday, Norwegian news site VG reported that a 16-year-old boy found his newest Facebook profile photo deleted automatically by the site, but not for containing offensive content or misrepresenting himself. Embret Henock Haldammen, a high school student in Kristiansand, Norway, had posted his latest school portrait weeks earlier, only to receive a notice stating that “the profile picture violated Facebook’s policies.”

Apple may have quietly signaled that it's received a secret Patriot Act order

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Apple may have quietly signaled that it’s received a secret Patriot Act order

[cfsp key=”adsense_336x280”]“Under the Patriot Act, the US government can demand information from companies and ask them to keep the order secret, but there’s a clever legal feint that can sidestep this: a so-called…

5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

When a parent discovers her daughter has been sexting photos of herself to various people, what can they do? This mom wasn’t aware of parental controls on the smartphone, router, or even blocking services provided by the cell phone company. She had no friends, neighbors, or family that she could turn to for information or the means to effective search on the internet for ways to handle this matter. All she knew was to turn her daughter into the police where they began to educate and recommend proper counseling for their family.

Parents, let this be a valuable lesson. If you know someone that doesn’t appear to know what to do when their children are being inappropriate online, offer to help them out. Organize all the parents to get together to discuss current issues that are affecting their kids and the internet. After the list is compiled, find an individual who is well versed in technology, social media, and is also a parent that can take this list and provide a learning session for the parents. The more education and support, the less of these situations in the video above that can be avoided.

I understand the feeling of desperation a parent can have not knowing how to deal with certain matters as it pertains to their kids but by no means, should you feel completely alone and without a way out.